November 4, 2018

What Are You?

What Are You?

1. Love. (Agape) Not warm feelings but deliberate attitude of good will and devotion to others. Love gives freely without looking at whether the other person deserves it, and it gives without expecting anything back.
Question: Am I motivated to do for others as Christ has done for me, or am I giving in order to receive something in return?

2. Joy. Unlike happiness, joy is gladness that is completely independent of the good or bad things that happen in the course of the day. In fact, God’s joy actually seems to show up best during hard times. This is a product of fixing your focus on God’s purposes for the events in your life rather than on the circumstances.
Question: Am I experiencing a joy of life on a regular basis, or is my happiness dependent on things going smoothly in my day?

3. Peace. It’s not the absence of turmoil, but the presence of tranquility even while in a place of chaos. Picture Jesus walking on the water during the storm. It is a sense of contentment knowing that God is in control.
Question: Do I find myself frazzled by the crashing waves of turmoil in my life, or am I experiencing “the peace that passes all understanding” (Philippians 4:6-7)?

4. Patience. Sometimes described as long-suffering, perseverance, and steadfastness. It is the ability to endure ill treatment from life or at the hands of others without lashing out or paying back.
Question: Am I easily set off when things go wrong or people irritate me, or am I able to keep a godly perspective in the face of life’s irritations?

5. Kindness. A person looks for ways to adapt to meet the needs of others without malice.
Question: Is it my goal to serve others with kindness, or am I too focused on my own needs, desires, or problems to let the goodness of God overflow to others?

6. Goodness. Goodness reflects the character of God. We could also call it holiness. Goodness in you desires to see goodness in others. It exults when it sees virtue and is angered at sinful passion and vice.
Question: Does my life reflect the holiness of God, and do I desire to see others experience God at a deep level in their own lives?

7. Faithfulness. A person with real integrity. Others can look to as an example, and someone who is truly devoted to others and to Christ.
Question: Are there areas of hypocrisy and indifference toward God or others in my life, or is my life characterized by faith in Christ and faithfulness to those around me?

8. Gentleness. Meekness is not weakness. Gentleness is not without power, it just chooses to defer to others. It forgives others, corrects with kindness, and lives in tranquility.
Question: Do I come across to others as brash and headstrong, or am I allowing the grace of God to flow through me to others?

9. Self-control. Oftentimes our sinful passions are at odds with God’s desire for us. We always want to be in charge. Self-control is literally releasing our grip on our desires, choosing instead to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is power focused in the right place. Practices such as fasting help…
Question: Are my desires controlling my life, or am I allowing the Holy Spirit to direct me to the things that please God and serve others?